Meet Igwe and Ugo

The Umbrella of Grace is a newly established retail outlet, which stands as a gateway to the African Culture for the local communities within Orange County New York, providing ethnic products, artifacts, home decor and more.

“It has been over 6 years since I had the vision to start a retail outlet. Since that time, there has been a strong desire for increased awareness of African culture and tradition in the Hudson Valley.”

The Umbrella of Grace answers the demand to carry on the African Tradition, right here in Middletown, NY.

The Vision:

The Umbrella of Grace is a “vision of tomorrow” from God that Ugo received on 9/20/2006. It wasn’t until she moved to Middletown NY in Orange County  in March of 2007 that she began to get a clearer picture of exactly what that vision was…

“There is a hunger and the need to establish an African market in Orange County, to address the needs of immigrant African families, African Americans, Caribbean and Hispanic people. I have the burden of bringing awareness of our rich culture and tradition to the vicinity of Middletown and Wallkill as they are beginning to represent a “melting pot” just like New York City.”


Experience/Training of Company’s owner and Principal:

Mrs Ugo Igwe Onwuka is the owner of the Umbrella of Grace, LLC, African Bazaar. She was groomed into the business by her late parents, who owned and managed their businesses, which eventually led to her studying Business Administration for a Bachelors degree. She also worked for the city of New York’s Administration for Children’s Services. Joining the agency in 1990 as a caseworker, she was later promoted to a Supervisor I, II, III and conference facilitator (child and family specialist) before leaving the agency in 2011. She proudly holds a Masters degree for Clinical Social work, which she completed in 2001.